Sunday, July 19, 2009


Multi-tasking does not seem to be exclusive to parents. Kids seem capable of doing that as well, as proved by my 1.5 yrs old daughter yesterday

She had a small yellow ball in one hand and was holding her sipper in the other hand. When she came into the room , I asked her to close the door as I had the AC on. Initially I did not notice that both her hands were busy.

I was just about to offer to take one of those from her when she turned away to close the door. I, then, decided to see how she planned to manage and remained quiet.

She retained the ball in the same hand, held the sipper between her teeth (the sipper has a straw and she held the straw between her teeth) , left the hold on the sipper, used the free hand to close the door and then grasped the sipper with her hand again.

My My ! Kids these days!!!


  1. They are way to smarter than we think !

  2. @Swati : Yes, indeed :. Thanks for dropping by Swati.


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