Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just what would you do

when your almost 2 1/2 years toddler does this (almost as a full time job) in a  men's show room when you are out there to buy shirts and trousers for the dad ??? 
I mean, apart from thanking the stars for the shiny and tiled, clean flooring ?


  1. ohhh dear.. Ohh dear! I'm glad u r not hyperventilating rt now!

  2. Nothing, as my almost three year old still does that sometimes:) Despite the frustration I'm sure it is hard to suppress a smile at these!

  3. LOL!! Chinna kozhandhaiya poi,very bad.
    Jillu once you are ready to read this give a punch to amma

  4. Shruti : I should have done then, but surprisingly i did nothing and let her be, hoping she would stop if i didn't react

    Swar : :)

    Hema: great :) So I have company

    AA : ahaaa... idhu nalla kadhaiyaa irukke

  5. What's with this retro thing...even Pattu does that sometimes...

  6. Uma : May be they like to remain babies just like we do :)

  7. -sit/stand back and enjoy..
    -if there is a camera phone/recording device make sure that is pressed to record the rare moment.
    - screm to passers by so they can steer clear of Jillu's path
    -fast forward a few years and then show the video clipping to the kid.. the look on the young person's face will be another kodak moment..

  8. AJCL : wow !!!
    nope ! there was no recording device then!
    have you been through this routine before ?

  9. I empathize with the mommy, but in retrospection, looks, feels wonderful:) Varun put me through this very recently:)

  10. Vidya : Varun is expected to do that :). he's still legally of that age :)


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