Friday, June 18, 2010

Of Bonding talkies and B meets

I was about to write about this in my other blog but,

 Me proposes,
Jillu disposes

and how did that happen ? When I went shopping today and called my mom to check on something from the shop, this transpired

Jillu on the phone : Amma, where are you?
Me : Am in the shop da kannna
Jillu : What are you buying?
Me : I am buying for Jillu da (actually it was a multipurpose shopping)
Jillu : V..... kum vaangindu vaa (Buy for V also). She pronounced his full name correctly, mind you :)
Me : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh! Ok daa kannnaaa..

After this, I decided to delete my draft post on the blogger meet from there and moved it to this blog :) and just who is V ? V is the cute toddler whom she befriended in the blogger meet last Saturday. The bonding was so quick that it was so surprising.  She talked about V after coming home and she still talks about it. When I made her dinner the other day, she even said
"This is what V ate that day" :) she remembers V ate that, but does not remember the dish's name :)

The meet was my first blogger's meet and I loved it. There was no awkwardness, no not knowing what to say, which are my usual traits when I meet people for the first time. But it felt like I knew all of them yet still didn't know them. It was a totally different experience. It was a lovely meet, girls :), one I wouldn't mind repeating 'n' times.


  1. ahha... so you all ladies were hobnobbing .. Which V is it? Hema's son?

  2. Wow! U hd a blogger meet .. thatz so nice :)
    Jillu is such an adorable child :)

  3. hey, when did meet and miss me out?? i would have loved to meet Jillu


  4. Blogger meets in Des - sighhhhh.....

    Can we do telepresence next time ? :-)

  5. Hey...V kept talking about that too!! For some reason he still thinks the book that Uma gave was given to him by Jillu..not you BTW!!!
    @LR- eppadi...eppadi?!

  6. LR : answer yerkanave kidachaachu :P

    Swar : :) thankooo :)

    Timepass : last Sat... oh ! u r in chennai ? next time meet pannnalaam

    PV : thats an idea worth considering :)

    Hema : oh ! appo mutual aa ? pochi po :)

  7. I think Pattu and LG missed it! We should have more... I too thought V and Jillu bonded very well *Dhrishti Pottu* :)

  8. Uma : definitely yes for the "We should have more " :)

  9. Hema, porama pada vendam.. one day i will teach you also how to use .. ahem.. kidneys(that thing that rests between our ears.. ) . Now you know how am so smart eh?? e.... ??
    I know .. sahikalai.. thank you and you are welcome..


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