Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jillu Talkies - 6

Sunday, Hair bath time !
The house literally reels with her refusals to even enter the bathroom ! (She normally does not mind taking her usual daily bath! But  hair bath is special ! ) And then somehow, I make her go inside and she starts crying soon after. I tell her
"Why do you cry now ? Do not.  I am not washing your hair right now. Thats later. I am only bathing your body presently."

Jillu : "Thalaikku thekum bodhu dhaan azhanum, ippo azha koodadhu" (Should cry only during hair wash, not now! )

Edited to Add : 
P.S : She said it as though its a rule and a must to cry during hair wash 

She takes my cell phone (on those odd times when I keep it at her reach) when I am not watching and then loudly exclaims 
"Avo nice a yeduthutaa" (She has taken it unnoticed!)


She was having her food today (pappu mammam - Dal rice) in her high chair and I was going about my chores !
Suddenly she called me "Ammaaaaa"
Me : Yenna da kannaa?
Jillu : Avo padutharaa.. Nee ooti udu  (She is being trouble some ! You feed me !)
LOL !!!



  1. Kelviyum naane ... badilum naane types aa irukaayaa un ponnu :) evalo innocent, adhuku thaan kuzhandhaiyum deivamum gunathaal ondru nu correctaa sollirukaa :)

  2. Ha ha ha ... she is really phunny :) :)

  3. Sat : so true :) i happen to think of that saying every day when she does something or says something !

    Swar : donno how she comes up with such dialogues :)

  4. So nice to be able to bathe your girl even as she throws tantrums. With the two almost-mottais, its hardly a deal:( Boring with boys I say!! And the 'Kelviyum naane...' comment by Sat is so apt:)

  5. Vidya : would you like trade places for one Sunday ? i wouldn't miss it at all :)

  6. Vidya : I mean one Sunday just for the bath time :) rest is all fine

  7. Head bath times = horror times here and that rule thing was cute :)
    "nice yeduthuta"- LOL!!

  8. AJCL : horror times! what a way to describe :) but very apt :)


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