Monday, June 21, 2010

2nd week of school - 2 hr sessions

2nd week : 2 hour session daily.

For the first week, read this

Tuesday :  I had prepared her saying that she will have to remain in school after snacks time as well as Amma was taking grandma to the Dr and hence Amma would be late in picking her up ! She seemed OK to the idea and accepted it well. She was perfectly fine.

Wednesday : I became confident and didn't prepare her again. Only the bare minimal, thinking she will do fine. My mistake. She was not too happy in school that day and had cried for some time.

Thursday: She bunked school owing to a family function and that was a BIG BIG mistake. She repeatedly said "School venaam" (dont want school) right through evening till i put her to bed at night. 

Friday : WORST DAY TILL DATE : The one day break had spoiled everything ! In spite of the usual pep talk and all that, after i dropped her at the school gates, she started crying even before she reached the inner gate. I heard her cry outside and her wails tore me apart. Her Aunty requested me to leave immediately and I did so, not wanting to make matters worse. I thought she would have been alright once she was inside, but no. It seems she was crying the whole of the 2 hours. When I went to pick her up, she saw me before they opened the gates, and I heard her wail to the security waala "Time aaachu. Amma kitta ponum" (Its time. I want to go to Amma). It was incredible! I mean, she was reasoning with the guy, even in her misery and she managed to wail at the same time ! And it was such a heart-wrenching sight! 
She calmed down only after she was in my arms!

Weekend : 
Again, start the preparation from the start. In various other angles. Combine anything and everything to school:) Various outings were linked to her Aunty saying "yes" :) A chance video of a cousin sister dancing gave birth to a story of learning and dancing at school. And so on and so forth :) One minute, she would be okay and say yes. The next minute she would revert to type and say "avulukku school laam vennaaam" (No need of school for her).

3rd week

Monday :

Show time. Even though she woke up as usual and we went by our routine, I was not convinced. As a last minute bait, I told her that I would take her to the park direct after school, instead of coming home straight, if and only if she did not cry in school. She did not seem too receptive to this !
Worse, she started to cry at home itself right when we stepped out of the house. At least, on Friday, it started only at the school gates. My mom and I consoled her and I continued talking to her through the entire journey. The moment we got down from my bike, she started howling, clutched me hard and just did not let go. Her Aunty gently disentangled her from me and carried her on her hips like a baby.
And in fact, it was again a 2 hr session for her today vs 3 hr session for other toddlers who had settled down!

And then it was my turn to be tensed as I spent the next couple of hours wondering  what she was up to and how she had fared.

Did she cry ? Or did she go to the park as per Amma's promise?
Stay tuned to this space for the updates !


  1. A break in the middle of the week or the arrival of the weekend make sit hard for them to go to school post-break

    How come you have left the ending as a suspense like a Dharani movie interval shot ?

    How did Monday go ?

  2. Wah! U hv us glued to this space for the next episode err post ma'am :P

    P.S: I luv Jillu's art corner :)

  3. this was exactly the same pattern with Adi when she started her playschool at 1.8 yrs

    realistically it wud minimum take a month for the kid to get adjusted to school... amma shd accept this bitter truth...

    imagine hw wud we feel if we are left with strangers in mars? it is the same feel that jillu is going thru' now... think abt yourself alone in mars before you feel bad about jillu crying at school..

    dont bother abt other kids getting into 3hr session... slow and steady wins the race

    am sure she will be alright soon...

    let me stop it here

  4. Sounds like my daycare experience with ambuli dear.
    Am sure she will soon settle down.

  5. Kids are known to settle down once they realize that any amount of tantrums is of no use and that they'd find themselves in the school campus the next morning how much ever hard they try to stay away:) So, it might take a little while... I understand how it feels..

  6. PV, you are so right :( looks like you are a movie buff :) Wanted to do a post today on the updates, but couldn't. will update tomorrow

    Swar, keep watching out :)

    Ani, i get you totally. Thanks for such a detailed and thoughtful comment. I understand

    AA, I hope so too

    Vidya, thank you :) but a routine is getting diff with all the holidays in between :(

  7. Well she cried visibly when getting in to school and we are not crying visibly when getting into office, avalothaan difference. In general the feeling is the same ;)


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