Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3rd week of school - contd

Monday : As I said in the previous post, she was howling when she went in, in spite of the park offer right after school. After a tense 2 hours, I was waiting anxiously at the gates and saw no other parent. So, I gathered she was the only one being let off at that time. And as the clock ticked away past the hour, I slightly relaxed. And then, a couple of minutes later, the Aunty came, followed by Jillu and she was looking normal. Apparently she had stopped crying once she went into her class room and was alright post that :)

What next ? We headed straight to the park from there :) Thankfully, the weather (Chennai weather, that too an hour before the noon, mind you!) took  pity on me and the sun was nowhere to be seen ! Thank you, God :)

Tuesday : Major milestone - Full time : 3 hrs and 15 minutes session

Same story on Tuesday as well. She saying NO to school, me consoling, getting ready and then again crying at the school gates. The only difference was in the additional bait : Milky bar along with the park. I thought that she would fair a lot better if some one else dropped her at school instead of me, as she always started crying hard just when she realized that she was about to part from me at the gates. But, as the dad is out of town, that was out of the question and it had to wait till the next week. 
And fortunately, the same pattern continued at the school. She had settled down once she went to the classroom. And when I went to pick her up, she was playing with mud in the ground and was happy. So thats that. She was cheerful for the first time when we returned home and even answered positively when I asked her if she would like to go to school the next day !

But my reprieve is short lived as the rest of the week is off (Govt declared holiday for 3 days + weekend) and she gets a long break and we have to repeat the routine all over again :(  nothing can be done, of course ! sigh..
I am mentally preparing myself for the tough rigmarole next week, for surely, the momentum would be broken due to this long break ! Hopefully, she should settle down completely in the next 2 weeks and by then it would be a month since she had started school ! My ! Time does fly, right ? :(

P.S : She got the milky bar on Tuesday, but not the park! The God had decided that enough was enough and the Sun was very cheerfully expressing its glee on being allowed to perform its duty more than perfectly :(


  1. Kids will take their time to get settled i i know better what to expect when Punch goes to playschool..BTW whats ur email id? mine is

  2. Jamai Da Jillu !! Very cool to get adjusted this week

    The holidays will be tough.

    Note to Jillu's mom: Stock up on Milky bars and a couple of surprise toys (Bubbles, Stickers, Puzzles) to be given at the end of each schoolday next week

  3. Superb jillu,dont trouble amma too much okie,be a good girl and hop on to school.

  4. Timepass, yes, kids take their own time in their own way :) Punch might have her own unique style in settling down :)

    PV, oh yes ! time for home work for me :) need to go shopping and stock up :) Thank you :)

    AA Aunty : OK, Aunty. Naan chamathaa poren :)

  5. And Timepass, I have sent you an email!

  6. Hey ! How was Jillu at school this Monday after the long break ? Did treats/incentives help ?

  7. Hey PV, thats so sweet of you to check on her progress ! Thank u soo much ! It feels sooo nice ! And this, in spite of me boring everyone with 3 posts on her school updates!

    and to answer your question, yes ! she's settling in well ! didn't need treats and incentives much :) though I do go ahead with it anyway :) Like I mentioned in my post, her Appa dropping her at school helps a lot! Monday, I believe, she just went inside all the while crying for me, but didn't even look back at Appa :) And Tue, Wed, she has been fine. No issues. Just the usual starting hiccups in the morning saying No..I guess thats bound to be there for some time!

    Again, Thank you so much PV for checking !


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