Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jillu's script for Milk advertisement...


I love this ad :). Loved it the first time I saw it :)

Jillu : (after drinking her milk ) "I have finished my milk"
Response : OK.. SO?
Jillu : (showing a shelf beyond her reach) "Yennaala yetta mudila" (I cant reach there still)

LOL :)

Has she really understood this ad ? Or is this the out come out of my too much prep talk about growing up like Appa only if you drink and eat well ? 

I guess there's no doubt about the answer, mmm? :) I don't even think she has seen this ad let alone understand...Looks like I have to re work/re phrase my prep talk dialogues :)

P.S : But, No. She does not drink Cavin's milk :)


  1. Ha ha .. she is really smart :)

  2. You must shoot a video of Jillu's response and send it back to the Advt agency:)!! You are right Jillu:)

  3. oh sometimes prep talk can take a u turn, isnt it... ads these days are too much. they plant all sorts of things into the kids heads.. n mom's heads too :)

  4. haha lol..btw did u get my email?

  5. LOL how nice it wud be if the kid can drink the milk so fast like this kid in the ad...
    day dreaming huh?

  6. Swar, more a case of believing everthing as is :) but then thats how kids are and thats how it should be :)..I should be more careful

    Vidya, oh yeah! Jill can be a consultant for them, what you say ? :)

    Momo's ma, you are right ! we need to be cautious abt ads as well. but i love these kind of ads :) there's another fav of mine, which is not aired anymore. Th gulob jamoon ad where the boy says he came second in a race where only 2 participated. lovely and so cute :)

    TP, sorry for the delayed response but i did mail you

    Ani, absolutely yes! day dreaming indeed !


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