Thursday, June 24, 2010

Smiley Chat :)

Appa has been abroad for the past 10 days :( she misses him most in the mornings. More often than not, she would ask "Where is Appa?" immediately after getting out of bed !

And how does she communicate with her Appa? Her PC skills have vastly improved from this to traversing between applications, opening up pics and chatting with her dad. Want to know how and what she chats with her Appa? 

This is how :)

She has learnt to click the smiley, choose one from the various options and send it to him as well :) The moment she sees the chat window, she says "Naan appa oda pesanum. Appa ku smiley anupanum :) "  (I have to speak with Appa and I need to send him smiley )

And the excitement when she gets smileys in return from her Appa has no bounds:) 
isn't this cool ?


  1. Wowwww! It is very very cool :) :)

  2. A lovely moment!
    Feeling happy for jillu.

  3. oh. thats tooo cool. they start really young these days.. :)

  4. so cute. girls naturally gets more attracted to appa...

  5. so cute.. must be making her dad so happy and sad all at the same time..

  6. Thanku, Swar Aunty :) - Jillu

    Thanku, AA Aunty :) - Jillu

    Momo's Ma, oh yeah ! we just have to expose them and they take off from there :)

    Thankoo, Titaxy Aunty :) - Jillu

    Ani, thats the general claim, yes :)

    :) Thankoo, Vidya Aunty - Jillu

    A, must have been happily surprised for sure :)

  7. Tech savy jillu aayachaa!!! A big O for jillu!!!Hope appa returns soon.

  8. A geek already! Too cool!
    So, has she finally settled down at school?

  9. CG, thankoo :) and yes, Appa has returned :)

    Uma, thanks for checking! looks like she has :). keeping my fingers crossed, though !

  10. Yov appadiye FaceBook, Orkut ellaam pazhakki vei yaa, pirkaalathula romba usefulaa irukkum :)


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