Friday, July 2, 2010

Of Mushy Talkies

Jillu is such a joy to be with, always. Sometimes she robs me of my speech with utter delight and makes me float on cloud 9.  These are moments to be cherished always and to be looked upon with fond memories down the years; that makes me appreciate life all the more, motivates me to enjoy to the max (while she is still young) and make each moment matter.

I. One day, all of a sudden, she did a Googly Woogly Woosh to me and exclaimed, 

"Nee very very good girl" (You are a very very good girl)

Unexpected compliment from unexpected quarters! I was zapped for a second ! Didn't know which surprised me more - the action or the words ! But, only for a second ! And then, I was grinning from ear to ear and could only return the compliment :)

II. Another day, we were generally fooling around and

Me : Nee pattu kutti, da
Jillu : smiles and giggles
Me (thinking of the above incident, but really not expecting much) : Naanu ? (And me ?)
Jillu (to my astonishment, she was able to coin the words and reciprocate as well) : Nee chellllllla Kutti :) in a sing song voice...

Needless to say, there's been a lot of self-indulgence (pina, oru vaati sollittaa, vittuduvommaa yenna? I initiate such talkies often ) post this  and Jillu delights me every time by obliging :) Just making hay while the sun shines :)


  1. very cute.. we are in a major kissing phase here. so showered with kisses all the time.. btw, tagged u.

  2. u r one hundred percent justified in the self indulgence..

    that chella kutti incident would have sent to me Pluto (or the same distance as that, since it is no longer a planet) and kept me there for days..

    hugs to the pattu kutti..

  3. cute! Treasure them and indulge while it lasts :)

  4. Momo's Ma, :) thats a sooper phase :) enjooy while it lasts :). Thank you :)

    A, i was so overwhelmed when i heard it the first time. hugs to u too from Jillu :)

    Uma, exactly :) i intend to do just that :)

  5. Soak it up lady! Jillu, you are indeed a chellla kutti!!:)

  6. Vidya, :), I am wet with all the soaking :)

  7. Ahaa,kalakakkare jillu.
    Keep it up.
    I too enjoy sudden kisses and hugs.

  8. AA, sudden happenings are all he more fun, right? :)

  9. Sweet ! Enjoy every moment !


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