Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jillu talkies - Part III

Jillu's conversation skills has vastly improved and she now can hold a small conversation with anyone, if they put their mind to it. She is also becoming wiser about causes and consequences.

Below snippets from last night are classic examples,

She was playing with her parrot (The parrot literally parrots whatever we say in the same voice as well ) and suddenly it stopped talking back. She fiddled with the toggle switch for some time and when nothing worked out, looked at me all wide eyed and said,
"Ammma, battery pottiyaa ?" (Ammaa, did you put the battery?)

Jillu : Ammaa, Alai paayudhe paadu (Amma, pls sing "Alai Paayudhe" song)
Me : Ammaaku thondai valikardhu da.. paada mudiyadhu kannaa ( Amma cannot sing as her throat is paining)
Jillu : Thondai valikardhaaa? naan pidichu vidatumaa ? (Oh, shall i massage your throat?) and then goes on to squeeze my throat with her little hands
Me : (wincing from the pain) its ok da, kannna, thank you, paravaa illai (Its OK, leave it)
Jillu : Naan muthaa kudakaren, seriyaadum (I shall kiss and it will be alright) and then suits  action to the words by caressing my throat and then kissing  her fingers


Jillu grandma (my mom): nee jo kulichiyaa  inniku ? (Did you take bath today?)
Jillu : mmmm
Grandma : azhaama kulichiyaa? (did you cry then ?)
Jillu : azhala,, inga paaru (showing her eyes).. thanni varala paaru.... naan azhalai (No I did not cry, see, there are no tears in my eyes now)
Then after some time, nee azhariyaa ?(are you crying?)
Grandma : illa da kannaa, naan azhala...(No da, I am not)


  1. OMG! She is just too unbelievable!
    The 2nd one is too too cute :)

  2. So, enjoying all jillu talkies at home live ah vaaa, rather than hearing from ur mom....It must be too good illa, and u must be very happy and proud...
    nejammave ur mom cried or wat?!!!i think aanantha kannera irukkum

  3. super Jillu.. onnoda logiclam chanceillai.. tho inga enga athula orthan irukaan, onna madiriye pesaraan.. meet panaraya.. then u wont need ur parrot..
    had i been in ur amma's place i wd have got misty eyed too Lavs and loved hte neck massage bit..

  4. Kalakkara Jillu!! Cant wait to see her. Why dont you drop in sometime? Or maybe I would! Lets see edhu nadakkarathunnu.. :)

  5. Thondaiya pudichu vidaradhu thaan taappu :) inime enakku thonda valichaalum ... solla maatene :)

  6. @Swaram : :)

    @CG : yep, enjoying everything from home and it is lovely :).. i think my mom was laughing, not so sure :)

    @AJCL : sure a meet panren Aunty. Aduku dhaan kaathundu irukken. Neenga yeppo chotu annaa va kootindu vara poreengo ?
    I am not sure if my mom was laughing or it was aanandha kannir :)

    @Priya : sure.. next week apram konjam free.. will plan then

    @Sat : hahahaha LOL :) anaa kaal valichaa sollalaam. romba azhagaa pidichu viduvaa.

  7. Loved action 2....how cute is that:-))


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