Sunday, February 14, 2010


After reasoning, now on to complaints:)

A couple of days back, I was in the kitchen and she was with my mom in the hall.  My mom was combing her hair and they had their usual interaction (dialogues) with regards to when she can get hold of the Parachute (hair oil) container. Soon after, she came riding to me in her tri-cycle and told me , no, make it complained to me,

"Ava yenakku thara maatengaraa" (She is not giving me")
Me : Yenatha? (what?)
"Yennai ya. Paati yenakku yennai ya thara maatengaraa" (Oil. Paati is not giving me the oil)

And then after some time, she again came back and told me
"Thala valikkudhu, paati thalaikku yennai thadavittaa" ( Paati applied oil on my hair and its paining )


This afternoon,I was feeding her, her usual pappu mammam, and there was a guest as well then. After a couple of mouthfuls, she said No to me and pointing her outstretched palm towards the bowl, she complained to the guest

"Adhu kaaramaa irukku" ("That is spicy" - but when in fact it was not)

and all of us burst out laughing :)


  1. really its very interesting to move with kids... Njoy

  2. LOL ... she just does nt fail to surprise u every single day I think ;)
    Loved reading this :)

  3. Amma kitta sonna, enga andha kaiyaala kottu vechuduviyo nu bayamo enna mo adhaan guest kitta complain pannirukaa :) :)

  4. Complaints started ah? Vaanga vaanga, join the club

  5. anda mode of transportation- tricycle, me likes.. thatz usually chotu's mode too when he wants to complain.. does she pout and make a sad face too?

    boost kaarama irukamudiyum na (per chotu) paruppu mammu daralama karama irukalam.. no appeal logic this is..

    Jillu: u are getting better and better.. please continue ur cute ways..

  6. @Annaamalaiyaan : Welcome here ! Oh, yes, life is never dull with a kid around

    @Swaram : Yep. right again :) a surprise, an improvement, something or the other every day :)

    @Satish : ahaa.. idhu yenna pudhu kadhai ? yaar yaara kuttaraa nu nera vandhu paaru..:)

    @CG : Oho.. appidiyaa ? bayamaa irukke :)

    @AJCL : pout and sad face ? chotu kitterudhu kathukka vendiyadhu dhaan :) LOL @boost kaaram :)


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