Monday, February 8, 2010

The sweet little Charmer!

She knows when she does something wrong ! Even before judging my reaction, she is well aware of it. If not, then my reaction will leave her in no doubt ! And then she tries to charm me out of my mood instead of saying "chorry amma, inime pannna maatten" (Sorry, ma. I wont do it here after) which has been her usual practice till now. But these days, as a sign of growing up, saying sorry is the last resort if nothing else works.

The other day, when I took her out on the bike to the veggies market, I took her after several sermons of do'd and donts and that I will take her only if adheres to all of that. And she did behave beautifully the whole time when we were out there. However, the moment we entered our apartment (now that the taataa is over), before i could park my bike, she took off without heeding to me and ran to the gate and hence almost to the road.
If it was before, she would have said sorry. But now, she tries everything possible to change my mood.
"Amma, amma, amma............" she says that for around 10 to 15 times continuously.
I remain silent just staring at her.
She angles her head sideways, keeps both her hands at her hips, goes all wide eyed, shows all her pearly little sharp white teeth and says "Ammma, he he he he he.. siri", "nee siri" (Amma, he he he he, smile, you smile na)
What can one do when faced with such a little charmer :). But still I held on, and just marched ahead carrying all the vegetables bags. She trotted after me and said "Kudu,kudu, kudu" (Give) in her special tone ("kudu" shortly even shorter than warranted, repeated in rapid succession) that she always uses when she asks for something and i could not hold on any longer :)

Yesterday, she threw the mike on to the floor when we were chatting on the PC. She came up with a very different approach then.
She says "Onnum aagadhu, amaa"  (Nothing will happen, Amma) and then pinches my cheeks and kisses her little fingers.

Idhellaam yenga poi mudiya porudho? (I donno where all this will lead to ? )


  1. "then pinches my cheeks and kisses her little fingers" hahahaha ... goiyaale, idhu enna pudhu trendaa illa irukku :)

    With such fun around, I am sure your life is never gonna be bored. This blog of yours will truly be a masterpiece when JIllu grows up, may be she can show it to your grandson/daughter and be proud off :)

  2. By now she is sure that Amma's anger is only temporary and amma cannot stay angry forever. Smarter than we like to admit, kids these days.
    One of my friend got sarcastic with his child and asked him when he did something that he was told explicitly not to,
    My friend asks.. "So which part of NO did you not understand.."
    The kid replies.. "N" and walks off!!!

  3. Ha ha ha! She is gonna excel in life ... she sure hs her way ;)

  4. //"Onnum aagadhu, amaa" // Smart u see....Ippollam sorry sollave romba yosikkaraanga illa. Previously when we get fm our parents , we used to go and ask sorry.Bt today, nambale thittittu,sorry yum solli samaathanappadutha vendi irukku...

  5. sorry-a?? chanceilla not in the dictionary, and all these charming skills- i think they are programmed that way.. in the post la please substitute the word Jillu with chotu and put me in ur place.. coz he does the exact same things..only i do not have a bike but a bicyle, that i use to ferry him around..inda similarities are getting too good to beleive ..

  6. @Sat : Oh, yeah. life is never dull around Jillu :) yeah, if blogger is still around then, yes. But then she might be embarassed, who knows, instead of being proud

    @L_R : Oh, that was cheeky indeed :)

    @Swaram : Oh, yeah. she usually gets her way

    @CG : romba coreet,,, naamalum sorry kaekara nilamai dhaan ippo :)

    @AJCL : similarities genral laa irukkum, but idhu rombave irukku..:) lets see how far it goes :)

  7. Jillu KD agara!!! super...its gonna b more n more fun here after!!


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