Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jillu Talkies - IV

Jillu's thaathaa and paati have gone to stay with Jillu's perippa. Jillu needs lots of people around her always. She will be thrilled and shouting when there are people around her. Give her an option of us vs toys, there will be no doubt as to what she would choose any day. Given that, she did not like her grand parents leaving at all.

Below are snippets related to the topic.

Initially, she did not like the idea at all.

Paati : Jillu, Paati V kitaa poga poren? pogatumaa? (I am going to V's house, Shall i go? )
Jillu : Naanaam (nope)
Paati : yen? (why)
Jillu : silence...

After some days, she learnt to articulate better..

Paati : Jillu, Paati yenga ma poga poraa? (Where is grand ma going ?)
Jillu : oooyes (U.S)
Paati : naan pogatumaa ? (Shall i go ?)
Jillu : Naanaam (nope)
Paati : yen? (why)
Jillu : Jillu kitteye iru  (You be near Jillu)


After some serious counselling and explanantion, after several weeks, she slowly got used to the idea..

Me : Paati yedhula povaa US ku ? (How is paati going to the US?)
Jillu : aeeeerooooo plaaaaaane la
Me : Paati yaar kitaa poraa? (who is there?)
Jillu : Annaa kitta poraa, (Brother)
Me :  Vera yaaru irukkaa ? (who else ?)
Jillu : L perima irukkaa
Me : vera? (who else?)
Jillu : V perippaa irukkaa
Jillu : avaa kitta poyittu, paathuttu, vandhuduvaa (Will go there, see and come back)
Me : Ammam, da (Yes)
Jillu : Hi sollitu, vandhuduvaa (They will come back after saying Hi)
Me  : (??) Ammaam, apram varuvaa.. konja naal kazhichu varuvaa, okvaa ? (They will be back after some months. Not now)
Jillu : OK


  1. Poor thing! She is unable to accept that they want to go away from her. She is perhaps wondering how can they leave her and go. They have perhaps been permanently available for her even when you used to go to work. She is unable to come to terms with this. Isn't it?

  2. I think ava thannathaane samathanapaduthikka try panrannu nenaikkaren...

  3. @All : I am not sure if she understands the whole thing. she knows they are going somewhere and she doesn't like it and she wants them near by. She didnn't see them leave, so i am not sure how much has sunk in yet. Will know after a couple of weeks passes by when she hasn't seen them for a long while

  4. Can understand how Jillu feels. Until a couple of years back, Vyas used to pick up a terrible fight with his chithappa because the grandparents visit him often. Varun's arrival has limited their visits- good for Vyas:-) It's time for Varun to pick up from where his anna has left I guess!

  5. Oh I hv missed so much here. Ws busy with work and some net problem in the weekend. Glad to be able to read Jillu's antics nw :)

  6. Ohh its so difficult to explain to kids no :(
    Hope she feels better soon!


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