Friday, February 26, 2010

Jillu Talkies - What we don't understand !

 Sometimes, when we dont understand what she says, she tries to explain it to us so cutely :). It is so endearing to see her trying to explain to us what she meant !

These happened many months back.

- We were traveling in the car and Jillu had seen some colorful decorations in a store. She told me "Sar amma". I was clue less and was just staring at her trying to comprehend what she was saying. Then she tells me ( in a tone that says, "idhu kooda theryaliyaa unakku?" types )
"nachathiram amma". She had indeed exclaimed "Star !"

- In a similar fashion, when i didn't understand her saying "gift", she helped me understand by saying "Happy Birthday Ammmaa,, adhu " :).. what a co-relation ! :)

- And the other day (this was way long long back), when my dad didn't understand "chakram", she told him "kicha vechirupaale, adhu. Changu, chakkaram, andha chakram! " :)


These days, she doesn't bother to explain it to me  :(. She leaves me to figure it out myself ! I think she is fed up of explaining stuff to me :).. or may be the poor girl didn't know how for such instances :)

The other day, last week or so, Jillu kept telling me 
"Clip pannu ammaa". I did not understand at all. She kept repeating "Clip pannu ammaa". I was such a dud ! In spite of me sitting in front of the PC, i didn't get what she was saying! and then like a tube light, i understood it  very late. She was asking me to use the mouse .:)
"Click pannu Ammaa"

And then, lately she has been calling me "Amma gundu". I was mystified ! As to where she got that word and idea from and also becoz, who likes to be called a "gundu" ? :). I kept chiding her and told her that she should n't be calling me (and anyone for that matter) that way ! Seemed to have no result and she was not at all perturbed. And then , after a week (too soon, eh ?! ) or so, suddenly i realized what she was saying ! She was just saying
"Amma gondu" as she has heard us calling her, for she has become one after i quit work :)


  1. Ha ha ha super cute :)
    Explaining the chakra ws too gud :)

  2. ROTFL - "amma gundu". Shock of the life illa?!!!!!!!

  3. this is the post i will classify as 'suthi podavendiya post'.. so cute.. brought a smile to my face.. thanks so much for posting.. when i read such cute instances abt children or watch my own upto something new, i really feel so happy and calm within..

  4. @Swaram : Thank you, Swar Aunty :)

    @CG : oh yeah ! :) directly hits you in the gut :)

    @AJCL : so true, A. :) as far as possible, dhinam suthi podarom :)

  5. Absolutely cute talkies.

    My children aged 13 and 11 often ask me to tell them about their childhood. I talk to them about their child talks.

    When jillu grows up she will definitely enjoy reading this. Also try to capture each milestone in a moving camera. The child will enjoy and these make cherishable memories.

    Hope to be a regular on this blog

  6. Hey thats very sweet!!! BTW wat is "Gondu"? I seem to be a bigger tube light :(

  7. @asha : Oh, yes! I try to take out the handy cam whenever i can :). You will always be welcome here, asha. Great to have you here as well !

    @Swetha : "Ammma gondu" means always behind amma, not leaving her at all at all times. Everything has to be done by Ammma and not going to anyone else. get the drift ?


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