Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Back ground : Some Carnatic music (Keerthanai) was being telecast (combination of song and dance) in one of the Bakthi channels in TV.

Scene :
My mom and me were chatting about something and suddenly we hear Jillu singing "Bro che vaa " (another Carnatic song). We both turn to look at her and then at each other. She had her eyes squeezed shut tightly, was shaking her head both sides and singing a series of carnatic songs known to her with no pause. At first to me, she looked like she was imitating a blind person, but then realization dawned, i looked at my mom , she looked at me and both of us crumbled with laughter.

Jillu was simply trying to imitate the singers, the way she has seen them close their eyes, enjoy and sing (mey marandhu paadardhu :) )

And when we hadn't even recovered from the first bout of laughter, she again made us laugh so hard, almost to tears (probably encouraged by our first reaction) by singing "Baba black sheep, have you any wool" in the same way again, eyes squeezed shut with a shake of her head as well.

I really wished I had kept the handy cam ready then. It was such a cute and lovely sight and such a spontaneous moment with so much laughter that I am unable to do justice to it with this simple write up! I am laughing even now when I recollect the incident to do this post !

God bless Jillu !


  1. :)this sounds really funny and I too wish you cud have captured those moments on a cam.

  2. How very cute! Say, what is the deal to enroll Varun into your music school..

  3. So adorable Jillu.. I so wish u had the handy cam there Lavs :)

  4. Aww its so nice u shared this one with us .. made my day :) Bro Che Vaa is one of my all-time favs :) Singing Baa Baa Black sheep ws just too gud :)

  5. It wud be awesome if u hd the handicam nearby :) Nyways, she comes up with something every day and hope u get to capture many such moments :) Luv u Jillu :)

  6. am just loving her for everything!!!

  7. @Sat : me too Sat :(

    @Vidya : comeon, lets talk :) though mind you, I m not even an amateur at music :)

    @AJCL : :( usually it would have been. But I just now completed a disc and need to reset it :(

    @Swaram : so glad to make yr day, Swaram Aunty. Thank youuu :) - Jillu

    @Swetha : hahaha..thank you Swetha Aunty :)

  8. Really, these kutti kutti incidents are like treasures,its good that u r blogging abt them....I adore u jillu...

  9. @CG : Oh, yeah ! they are treasures, indeed ! Thank you, CG aunty :)


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