Friday, February 12, 2010

I take back what I said

in my previous post's comment section :)

This morning Jillu, on her own, made it clear that she understood very well indeed.

As usual, she took a mobile, placed it near her ear and started talking (err... shouting actually) immediately,
"yeppili irukke ? nallaaa irukkuriyaaa? " (strangely, the mazhalai is surfacing in places where it was not before :) )
silence...then she said
"mmmm" silence again.. then
"ok"  (The talking happens only on a silent phone. She mostly wouldn't talk at all if someone was actually on the line. After a lot of cajoling, the person at the other end may at the max eventually get a Hi or something similar )
then she kept the phone down and told us 
"Varaalaam  "
My mom : Yaaru?
Jillu : "Geetha paati pesinaa. Raghu thaathaa pesinaa".
"Endu perum pesinaa"
Me : Yenna pesinaa?
Jillu :"Varaalaam"
Me : Oh !
Jillu : aaero plaaaaaane la varaalaam
Me : Yeppo ?
Jillu : Saayangaalam (thats the only thing she knows :) doesn't know morning, night etc.. anything and everything happens in the evening )
2 mins la varaalaam
Saturday, Sunday, Monday la varaalaam
Me : ???????


  1. :-) She's at least grown up enough not to say 'nethikki varaalaam'!

  2. must have made such a cute sight, illa.. so she is missing her grandparents already (im assuming they have left to the US)

    for Jillu its sayangalam, for chotu its dinom.. and yeah he thinks ppl travel by either aeroplanes or helicopters..and he does the 2 mins la varen too..(twooooo mins la varen he says)

  3. @Vidya : I am not sure if being "grown up" can be attributed for not saying "naethiki" :). She doesnt know that far as well :)

    @AJCL : Yes, they have left to the US. oh, so cute, i can imagine chotu saying that :). Jillu is saying this (2 mins la) the first time. Got to see if she uses this ofetn :)

  4. Children are too smart these days....We just got to take lessons from them

  5. Oh she seems to hv understood so well :)

  6. plane la yerinaa, ippo irukara security check ellaam mudinju varathuku Saturday, Sunday, Monday (3 naal) aagum nu avalukkum terinjurukku :)

  7. @CG : so true :)

    @Swaram : oh, yeah. :)

    @Satish : LOL :) nee solradhum vaasthavam dhaan :)


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