Thursday, July 15, 2010

Her logic....

Reverse logic :) Did I say that? sssshhhh.... Never mind, but still her logic :)
Jillu wanted to go to temple all of a sudden and I said, why not ? lets go!
So, out came my bike and we were on our way ! Out of the blue, madam says "Stop" and "I want to walk" in Tamil.
Me : illa da. Konjam dhooram. Jillu ku kaal valikkum (Its a bit far and your legs will pain)
Jillu : Ammaam. Unakkum kaal valikkum. (yes, Your legs will pain as well)
Me : Yenakku vallikaadhu (My legs wont be in pain)
Jillu : hey, chummaa sollaadhe. valikkum (hey, dont say just like that. It will pain for you as well)
Me: Unaaku dhaan daa valikkum. nee chinnavo illa. unakku dhaan valikum. (No da. Only you will be in pain as you are still a little girl)
Jillu : Ammaam, nee chinnaa aaana udane, unakkum valikkum (Yes, it will pain for you also when you become little!)
Me : ??? LOL :)


  1. LOL at the Lollu

    Ellathukkum Kaalam Varum

  2. Tats indeed sweet and displays innocence

  3. LOL!! Too good.. So finally did u manage to convince to continue the journey on the bike?

  4. So sweet. Did you manage to convince her and go on the bike?

  5. PV, naanaa lollu pannen ? :)

    Swar, :)

    AA, yeah ! innocence at its best !

    A, yes, yes, no other option, na :)

    MM, thankoo :)

    Ani, thankoo :)

    Jayashree, yes, i did. Had to :)

    Vidya, :)


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