Saturday, July 3, 2010

A welcome sign !

At the end of the first uninterrupted (100% attendance), 3 1/2 hours (full time) session a day, 5 day week, 

Jillu exclaims suddenly today (Saturday)
"I want to go to school "

There were hiccups and starting trouble on the first 2 days of the week, but her Aunty vouches for her settling in well once she's in. 

And today's sudden proclamation is certainly a bonus. 

I am keeping my fingers crossed, Jillu. 
Hope you settle in well and may all the coming years of growth / learning be full of fun and joy.


  1. nice to hear this... hope jillu sticks on to this..

  2. Thatz nice :) Amen to the wish :)

  3. Nice that she's so enthu about school. Hope she continues loving it.

  4. Ani, thank you. I hope so too :)

    Swaram, :) thank you

    Jayashree, I wish the same too :)

  5. Touch wood!That is a clear sign of settling down:)

  6. Wishing jillu a very good school life.

  7. You have been tagged.

  8. That's very good news.. don't let that enthusiasm flag...

  9. Vidya, touch wood indeed ! :)

    AA, thank you and thank you :). But tags are going to take some time for me. Will take it up when I am running less :)

    Uma, yep! she's very keen these days! lets hope it continues !

  10. Attagirl Jillu ! Have loads of fun at school !

  11. Good to know that she's begun to like school! You have been tagged BTW. I know AA's already done it. But did n't have much choice!

  12. PV, thank you so much

    Hema, nice hearing from you. hope you are doing well. will take it when I have some time :)


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