Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Surprise, Surprise !

A very light smile playing on the lips,
The tone being contrite,
The look being apologetic,
The gesture being spontaneous,
The word uttered instinctively,
She said softly "Sorry."

I was bathing her this morning and in a split second, both of us moved simultaneously (at least I didn't expect her to move) and we both dashed our heads together. 

And to my astonishment, she said "Sorry". I simply froze for a few seconds. It was not the word that got to me. It was the manner in which she carried herself at that moment while saying Sorry - I was amazed.  Just the way adults apologize when we dash against someone unknowingly. 

From where did she learn that ? Such a perfect presentation? I haven't taught her that far. 

God Bless you, Jillu.

Edited to Add: 
Forgot to mention the basic point. Looks like I have to wake up soon :). This is not the first time that she is saying "Sorry".  She has been saying that for a long time now. This post was triggered by the manner in which she said it today :) - the spontaneity and the fact that she knew to say so when we accidentally bumped into each other. 

P.S : But Jillu, if you could please extend the good behavior at home to outsiders as well.  Currently, we are the sole beneficiary for all your sweet "Thank yous ",  "Welcomes" and now "Sorry". It would so nice if the rest (visitors, relatives and your friends) are at the receiving end as well :)


  1. Just u wait Amma. Some more time and I will surprise u this way outside too :)

    God bless u Jillu!

  2. Oh they observe, absorb and pick it up so naturally... if only we were half as good!

  3. wow.. whatta feeling to hear them say that, when you haven't explicitly taught them to do so..
    Observation , like Uma says
    And yes, all the good behaviour is reserved only for the home crowd..

  4. She's at an age where the spontaneous responses come easily. The ones we ask them to provide (for social graces) require the thought process to kick in - and that usually becomes an issue of a controlled-response - which typically is met with resistance/reluctance

  5. Swaram, :) and Thank you for the prediction. Hope it comes true soon!

    Uma, oh yeah ! we had all be so perfect then, mm ?

    AJCL, like I said in my ETA, she has been trained to say Sorry for a long time now. Just that this was more spontaneous and an altogether different scenario.

    yeah, we cannot take credit outside, right ? :(

    PV, And when does that set in usually? the resistance/reluctance ? I think I am seeing it already these days :(

  6. Around the three year mark - massive level of coaxing required to get them to say Please/Thank You/Sorry

    After they turn Four - Edho Vandhavaala Thittaama Vittale Nu Sandoshappada Vendiyadhudaan

  7. PV, ahaa... ippidi solliteengalaa? yenakku ippove bayamaa irukke :(

  8. Jillu, kalakkite! And Lavs, PV is right about the 3 year mark:)

  9. Vids, First PV, ippo neenga. yenna yellaarum kootu sendhu yenna bayamuruthurelaa? :(

  10. They reserve certain things for parents don't they! Athu nenaichu santhosha padalam. As for as behavior outside the house is concerned I second PV avd Vidya:(

  11. Needless to say,as always jillu rocks.
    Socialising will settle in,dont worry.
    I was like that until 17 yrs,i will go lock myself in a room when a relative comes in.

  12. Hema, sigh !

    AA, till 17 yrs? i cant believe it !


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