Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My knight (?) in shining Armour

What was a regular interaction turned into a beautiful moment :)

Hubby was slightly annoyed for a very silly happening and he was chiding me (in a slightly raised voice?)
Before I could respond or react, our girl steps in and says in a tone matching his

"Hey, appidilaam solla koodaadhu. Bad Manners ! " (Hey, you should n't say like that. Bad Manners!"

and both of us burst out laughing !


  1. Look at that! Already?!! Keep at it Jillu!!

  2. Wow! It is always nice to have a supporter...Even more when it is the kid! Way to go Jillu!

  3. She seems quite perceptive to changes in tone/voice - and her reaction is so endearing :-)

  4. Chinna vaalukku advice pannara periyavaale,thappu pannina,chinna chinna thappu pannara chinnava,periya thappu pannara periyavaalukku advice pannara,correct.ah jillu?

  5. I read a few of your posts in one sitting. Jillu sounds so articulate and I like how you write everyday events with a touch of humour.

  6. Vidya, she might do this whenever there seems to be a disagreement between any 2 people :).. need to wait and watch! and here I am, contradicting my own post title :)

    Swar, Timepass, Jayashree : :)

    Hema, yeah, but only time will prove whether this is for keeps :)

    Ani, :)

    PV, Yes. You are right in your observation. She holds on to tune as well. And perceptive to slight changes in facial expression as well !

    AA, yenakku thalaiya suthudhu :) Jillu vai kaekaaren avulukku purinjudhaa nu :)

    TPL, welcome here and thank you for such a lovely and encouraging comment. Am glad that you like Jillu's posts:)

  7. Hey wat a coincidence, Similar thing happnd here too and this time P made sure that aathukarar asked sorry.
    But too early in jillus phase thats awesome :)


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