Monday, July 12, 2010

It has been a long while

since I posted here. Jillu's school timing and schedule is keeping me on my toes :) leaving me no free time for extra activities. Her nap time is taken up for my other house hold activities. So have not been able to login at all. She has started enjoying school, so that is one hurdle off the way, now :)
Just thought I would quickly peep in today and try to re-surface and say a hi to all. I am operating on a trail basis, see what works best and trying to get to a regular pattern so that I get some free time for myself  :)
I am hoping to continue (to blog and blog hop) in the same manner sooner than later. 

In the meanwhile, there will be updates now and then, as time permits like now :). So don't forget us, friends :)

I will sign off right now with one of Jillu talkies

Jillu watching one of the ummachi channels with her paati as usual and 

Jillu : Patti, ummachi appa yaaru ? ummaachi appaa yenga irukaaa? (Who is God's Dad? Where is God's Dad?)
Paati : ????????(and then recovering quickly ) ummaachi appaavum ummaachi dhaan (God's Dad is also God)
Me : grinning wickedly from the sidelines


  1. Ha ha!

    Hw can we forget u :) Infact, I thought u hv forgotten us :)

    Nice to know she has started enjoying school :)

  2. ha...ha.
    Do keep us updated whenever you are able to. Take care...

  3. As usual Jillu kalakkings with questions,rest of the household muzhichings.
    Very happy that she started liking schools.

  4. Enna Oru Kelvi, Enna Oru Badhil ! Sabaash, sariyaana Poatti !

  5. hope u get into the reglar pattern soon and find time for yourself
    jillu's next question - who is God's amma?

  6. Swar, no, i haven't forgotten anybody. just that been too busy.

    Jayashree, Sure :) Thanks !

    AA, muzhichings :) what a usage :) wonderful :)

    PV, LOL :) potti inum theeviram dhaan adaiyum pol irukku :(

    Ani, fortunately, answer will be the same for that as well ! :)

  7. Yes ma'am :) Thought as much!

  8. Great to see you back! And Jillu talkies... LOL as usual!

  9. That was good thinking on the feet! I would have fumbled! Trust them to ask the most difficult questions!

  10. Hema, :)

    Uma, LOL :) I think the diff part is yet to come. I was enjoying the show as her paati was in the line of fire this time :)


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