Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dola, Dora and what not?

"Dola Dola Dola Dola - Dondi buckie Dola"
"Dola Dola Dola Dola - Dondi buckie Dola"

Our home has been resonating with this so called song these past 2 days. It starts slowly and reaches the crescendo with the last "Dola". I am still doubtful as to whether she says "Dola"or "Dora".  When I heard her sing this the first time, I asked her who had taught her and she told me her Aunty at school had taught her!
I was naturally curious and wanted to know which Dora song they had taught her !  She was singing with so much gusto and enthusiasm. I was also surprised because I thought the school wouldn't be teaching Dora songs and also, I didn't think there were any songs of Dora.

"Dola Dola Dola Dola - Dondi buckie Dola"
Nee Paadu (this is Jillu asking me to sing)
"Dola Dola Dola Dola - Dondi buckie Dola"
(this is me singing (trying) to sing just like her)
"Hey, appidi illa. Appidi paada koodaadhu. Ippidi Paadanum - Dola Dola Dola Dola - Dondi buckie Dola"
(this is Jillu lecturing me that my lyrics were wrong)

Me : "Adhe dhaana naanum paadinen"
(frustrated. Iva paadardhe, for sure thappu. Idhula yennna vera correction.- There is absolutely no doubt that she is completely incorrect in her lyrics, on top of that she is correcting me)

To add to the frustration, the Dad gains the upper hand
He sings "Dola Dola Dola Dola - Dondi buckie Dola : Adhu dhaane? correct dhaane? "
Jillu : Nodding heavily, Amaam, Yes.

So, naan "correct dhaane?" kaekaadhadhu thappaa?

So we all sang along with her "Dola Dola...Dora Dora"

And yesterday, when I picked her up from school, I asked her Aunty

Me : Did you teach her some Dora song?
Aunty : looks perplexed and looks weirdly at me.
Me : (brain working actively to avoid that one thing) Something that goes Dola, Dora.
Aunty : (Still thinking me crazy ) we sing so many songs....
Me : (Ahh.. there you go, you are making me to do it. Please dont make me). No. She says you taught her. Dola, Dora
Aunty : No. I didnt teach any Dora songs.
Me : (Grrr.. there's no other way now. A big Sigh....So, here, I go, making a fool of myself)
"Dola Dola Dola Dola - Dondi buckie Dola"

Aunty : zapped for a second. She stares at me, I stare right back at her unabashed and then I see something click in her. She laughs and sings....

Any guesses?

Come on...






She sings
"lakadi ki kaathi kaathi pe ghoda
ghode ki dum pe jo maara hathauda
dauda dauda dauda ghoda dum utha ke dauda"

And I laugh aloud too :) For even I have heard of this old Hindi children song:) Jillu has caught the last line and goes ""Dola Dola Dola Dola - Dondi buckie Dola"

But I guess she has got the tune right :) otherwise the Aunty wouldn't have recognized it as well :) I should be proud of that mmmm ? LOL :)


  1. the same scene (appa doing it right at first attempt and the baby and appa correcting amma) had happened at our household for "tonta tonta toing toing" dont ask what does this mean... it took me more than a week to get it right.

    good job jillu on getting the tune right...

  2. What a cool interpretation of the "Lakdi Ki Kaathi" lyrics - Gulzar would be proud of Jillu :-)

  3. hahahahahah.. super.. was unable to guess but what an interpretation..

  4. Could n't stop laughing! I had a similar experience with V. He used to sing wey ye thuppi...and finally I realized it was 'Where is Butterfly?"!!

  5. Good one..actually.. I like Dondi Buckie Dola better than.. the original.. go girl..

  6. OMG! Utterly super! And whattay song!! Jill, you rock:)

  7. Superb! Not only this for everything,you shld be proud of jillu baby.

  8. OMG....can't stop laughing....

  9. All, I apologize for the delay these days in responding to your comments :( Much as I would like to write immediately, my PC time is greatly reduced. Your thoughts are always valued and your comments are a treasure for me and Jillu. Thank you all for bearing with the delay and the understanding!

    Ani, :) same there too, ah ? but here, amma got corrected inspite of Amma getting it right the first time :)

    PV, haaa...another staunch suporter for Jillu in the making?

    A, me neither :)

    Hema, thuppi = Butterfly ? so cute :) where did he get that idea from ?

    LR, haha..u like it better ? woww !!! Actually, I like it as well..hehe..:)

    Vidya, Jillu is rocking the song :)

    AA, that was such a sweet and lovely thing to say. Thank you so very much !

    Jayashree, :) glad you had a good laugh

  10. ROFL! I did nt see that cmg @ all!!!!
    Awesome Jillu :)

    LOL @ Iva paadardhe, for sure thappu. Idhula yennna vera correction :P :P

  11. Swar, :) at last someone caught that :)

  12. Kalakkara Jillu!! That was awesome...

  13. Priya, thankoo.. u r here after a long time :)


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