Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celebrations time !!!

Wonder what all the noise is about ?? Can you guess ? Its actually double celebration time!

First, Jillu has been awarded :) Yes !
AJCL has awarded the beautiful blogger award to this blog :). and I am thrilled for Jillu. Chotu's mom is known for her beautiful writing and her words always has a beautiful and soothing effect on me. So, I am even more thrilled to get such an award from her and all credit goes to Jillu as this blog is totally driven by her alone:)
Thank you, Chotu's Mom :)

I pass on the award to
Satish : His poems in Tamil are so very beautiful and I love reading them.
AJCL : I wish to award you too, as I already said, I love your writing. (Is there any rule saying you cant pass on the award to the one who passed it to you ? If so, please ignore it :) )
Swaram : Her blog always cheers me up :). She has a way of writing that makes me feel as though she is standing in front of me and talking to me in person. Each one of her posts has something good and something to make me smile :)

Second, I have been awarded too. Want to know what it is ?

I would display this in my other space as well :)
Thank you, again AJCL.  I am so glad to have known you and am just waiting to meet you guys :).

And I pass on the award to
CG, ssstoryteller, Varun's Mom, L_R, Pattu's Mom, Swetha


  1. Congrats Jillu and Lavs n thanks so so much for all the lovely words about me :)
    God bless u all!

  2. Awards fever!!!!! Seems like am watching some awards on the telly!!! Congrats! BTW you missed the I thank my mom, jillu, god and Google, not necessarily in that order for giving me this wonderful platform to share my words etc.,.. :P

  3. @Swaram : :). No thanks is needed. Its all true :)

    @L_R : hahaha :) You have said it for me :) LOL

  4. You deserve that beautiful blogger award,i just loved your blog,as am a gr8 foodie,i can compare reading your blog to eating a comfort food.

  5. @ambulisamma : Oh, thank you so much for the so kind words :). It so lovely to hear such compliments:) Though all credit goes to my daughter for the constant supply of fodder :)

  6. @AJCL : :) kind ness has nothing to do with it, A. Its the truth :)

  7. Congrats Lavanya! And thank you:)

  8. Congrats Lavanya.. And thanks a ton. Jillu kku treat kudutheengala , cos she only made this possible :)

  9. @CG : Oh, yeah ! now that you mention, I owe her one and will definitely treat her more specially one day !

  10. Lavs ... enna vechu kaamidi keemidi pannalaye ?? naane eadho time passkaaga olarindu iruken, adha poi poem keeyam nu kalaaikariye :)) seri vidu vidu, inime no public damage ... ok ?? :)


  11. @Sat : nee post la "kavidhai" nu sollum bodhu, naan poem nu sonnaa thapaa? idhu yennadaa vambaa pochu ?

    You are welcome :)


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