Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cricket fever

If you hear Jillu saying "Wooooowwwwwwwwwwww" (Yep, thats how elongated it is :) ) when she is watching TV, 
  • There are sure shot chances that she is indeed watching cricket in the TV (Yes, the IPL season has got to her as well !). 
  • However, there are no sure shot chances that it is a 4 or a 6. The "Wooow" could be for anything, even for a dot ball :). But if you ask her how the umpire will signal a 4 or a 6 or an out, you will be surprised, for she will show you those correctly :). She learnt these many months back.

When I was about to flip the channel for a moment last night , she (loudly) tells me
"Naan cricket paakanum. Maathaadhe" (I want to watch cricket. Don't change!). Sounds as though she is very knowledgeable right ? Appidiye yennamo cricket laiye oorinaa maadhiri oru pechu :)

and then when the game is on, she asks me,
"Naama anga polaamaa? "(This question is being asked for everything she sees in the TV these days. Temple, cricket, boating etc.) So cricket cannot claim exclusive rights for this :)


  1. LOL She is a rockstar!!! Luved reading this :)

  2. getting caught up in cricket fever, with a 2 year old enjoying it so much is a special feeling Lav's.. was imagining in my mind's eye how she must have sounded when she asked u not to change the channel..
    she is such a cutie pie..

  3. Growing up!!:-)

  4. Hey, Pattu also likes cricket - especially when the dad screams at a six or a catch... but everything is a sixer as far as Pattu is concerned.
    'Naan Cricket Paakanum, Maathade' - periya manushi! :D

  5. @All : forgot to add in the post that she also recognizes the legend Sachin Tendulkar very easily :)

    @Swaram : :) Thanks, Swar. Am so glad u luved it :)

    @Swetha : wow indeed !

    @AJCL : she sounded like she was bossing me :) and thats about the right way to describe it :)

    @Vidya : Oh, yeah !!! :(

    @Uma : so cute :).. periya manushi indeed !


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