Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jillu Talkies - Humor 3

Paati is watching her one of those serials and Jillu is happily lying on her lap.

The Scene in TV :
The camera first focuses on Lord Venkateshwara. Its a big picture of him and then goes to reveal that its a pic hanging on the wall of a house. Jillu is avidly watching this. Next, in comes a mid-aged man (a parental character in the serial, obviously), positions himself partially in front of the picture and then starts talking on his mobile

And my dear lovely Jillu says :

"hey nagaru. naan ummachi paakanum " (Hey, move. I need to see the God!)


  1. OMG! She rocks Lavs! Ur humor posts give me the daily dose that I need :P
    When I dnt hv any of ur posts nw, I think I better dig thru ur archive and find out ;)

  2. hahahaa.. ava ava kavalai, ava avalukku.. but this was too good.. orre bhakti paravasama iruku..

  3. @Swaram : looks like u had some free time yesterday :) Hope u liked the journey from the archives as well:)

    @ambulisamma : :)

    @Shilpa : :) Thank you :)

    @AJCL : Thanks to my mom :) obviously it stems from sree krishna and then she keeps seeing the various utsavams being shown in TTD channel.Obviously she does not understand the concept :) but she likes watching the accompanying graphics and listening to the wonderful music that comes along with it. :)

  4. So cute!! Did the guy hear her?:)

  5. Ya, I luved them :)
    Here to tell u there's an award for u on my blog :)

  6. @Jayashree : :)

    @Vidya : don't think he did :)

    @Swaram : :) I wanted to know, how much Tamil do u understand ? can you speak ? and Thank yooou:)

  7. I can understand pretty much Lavanya and can manage to speak a few basic things :)

  8. LOL :), this reminds me of similar instance wrt P -

  9. @Swaram : Oh, cool !

    @CG : hilarious it was ! sooper P :)


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