Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last night


My dad was having his dinner and she was as usual all over him and troubling him. At the same time, she's her most hospitable self when he is having dinner, encouraging him to have more, urging me to serve him more, instructing him how to eat and so on and so forth. 

Last night saw a lot of stuff in addition to the above :)

At first, she offered to feed him :). We somehow managed to convince her otherwise :) 
Then, she was standing on the chair (my dad was sitting ) behind him and generally making a nuisance. We told her to get down and let him be in peace.
She got down, stood near the chair, held one of the chair legs and told my dad
" Naan unna pidichikaren. Nee labakku nu saapiduviyaan. yenna ? " (I will hold you and you will gobble up the food. Ok ?) as though he was throwing tantrums for eating :)
"Yeh thaathaa, nee yen mammu ondi saapidra ? kaai thottundu saapidu" (Why are you having only rice ? eat along with veggies)
After he finished eating,

"Nee yenna paduthaama saaptiyaa?" (Did you eat without troubling me ?") My highly amused Dad said "Ofcourse"
"Nee good girl la saaptiyaa ? " (Did you eat like a good girl?) to which the rejoinder was "Naa good boy yaa saapten " (I ate like good boy)


  1. ore paasa mazhai thaan polaruku ;))

  2. so cute... ur dad would have been cloud nine illa?? super cute i tell u, Jillu is..

  3. Ha ha ha ... what a sweet conversation :) The grandpa must be on Cloud.9 :)

  4. now we know what Jillu has to go through every time she sits down to eat :-)

  5. @Sat : Amaam. thathaa ktte yeppodhum adhu dhan :)

    @AJCL, Swaram: oh yeah! he always is when it comes to her. She sees to that :)

    @Jayashree : Hit the nail on the head :). But she has used all these in one go :)

  6. ditto - jayashree's comment. Thathaakku pasi ellam odi poi irukkume pethi yoda gavanippula. Paatti and thatha s conversation would totally revolve around this only illaya!!!! Super jillu

  7. Chanced upon your blog from Chotus,loved what Jillu is doing to her grandpa,BTW was it not possible to divert her when he was having food,Bcoz usually my daughter troubles her appa,and i divert her to something else.

  8. @CG : :) u r right :) her updates are the first for them. apram dhaan baaki yellaam

    @ambulisamma : Welcome here ! :) Jillu va avalo seekiram ava thaathaa kitterundhu divert pannaa mudiyaadhu :). As my dad is still in service, she see him the shortest duration when compared to all of us and she's always behind him :). Also, he himself indulges her and that kind of proves detrimental for all our efforts of diverting her :)


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