Friday, June 19, 2009

Jillu Yenna Pan ?

Amma yenna pan?
Appa yenna pan?
Paati yenna pan?

These are questions often asked by Saathvika alias Jillu

Hence "Jillu Yenna Pan?"
This blog is to record all that Jillu does ! Hope fully this will do justice to her :)


  1. Lavanya!
    Its really nice to see a blog about a kid that I know. Keep the posts coming in.. I'm sure Jillu gives you a lot to write about :) OK now I am off to read more!

  2. Thank you, Aparna. Hope you enjoy these posts as well.

  3. Hi Lavanya,

    Welcome to the gang :)

    Would love to read what jillu does, and how you try to catch up with her..


  4. HI Jaya,

    Thanks for dropping by. Yes! Catching up with her is indeed a challenge :).

  5. Oh I hv always loved the name Saathvik ... nice to know her name :)


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