Thursday, June 25, 2009

A guilt salvaged

My guilt soars in the morning time usually if I have to wake up my daughter from sleep. That’s because I have to drop her in my mom's place before leaving for office. And the guilt soars even further when she's deep in sleep and refuses to stir.

So bad mom that I am, I resort to saying all kinds of things to wake her up

- will take her tataaa (trip to mom's place)
- will show her pigeon, crow etc (trip to my balcony)
- Anil koopadradhu paaru...( Squirrel is calling you, again the same trip to my balcony)

and the third worked that day because she loves watching squirrels running up & down

The next day, when she woke up on her own, she immediately said "Anil Koopadradhu" ( Squirrel is calling me)

It felt so heartening and lovely to hear my little darling say that, I cannot properly describe it in words


  1. Ur way of writting blog is like reading a kavithai.. more to be expected


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