Saturday, June 20, 2009

How are you?

Saying "How are you?" and keeping a mobile phone (could be anyone's - mine or my husband's or my parents/in laws) near to my ear are parallel acts for my daughter. And then I would need to say "I am doing fine, Thank you". I will not be let in peace until I say that :)
Another way of using the phone is to take the phone, keep it in her ear, walk up and down the room and say "Hello, ummmm...yuh....ummmm" just like she sees us elders doing it...

While these are normal activities, today she stumped us further

We were travelling in the car to Vanilla's place and my husband got a call. I picked up the call as he was driving, however she did not allow me to speak. After pacifying her, I managed to wind up the call and she took the phone from me.
She put it to her ear and said "Lavaya pesar".. We were astounded..
I told her, say "Jillu pesaren...not Lavanya pesaren"
so she says "Jillu pesar"
Then her dad asks her "Jillu yenna pesaraa?"
She stumped us further when she said "How are you pesaren" - Wow !!!!

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  1. Ha ha ha .. so cute :) Kids r so observant no!


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