Monday, June 29, 2009

Girls being Girls!!!

My little angel is a true girl! She being only 1.5 yrs old is neither here nor there :)

- loves admiring herself in front of the mirror at all times. Whatever may be the time, dressed up for a party or not, my love loves looking at herself in the mirror!

After her bath daily, she has got to look in the mirror. Toweling her in front of the mirror has become a daily routine now!

Whenever she changes her dress /wears a new one, she immediately runs to the full length mirror and admires and says "Nannarukku, Nannarukku"

- loves dressing up

"Keam pootttuu,.........pow pooottttuu, Mai itttuu..." is her favourite dialogue after taking bath or after her siesta... which means "apply cream, powder and bindhi and dress me up and take me out for tataa:)".


  1. She is so so so girlish no doubts there.. I used to be just like this.. I used to go one step further and even say mascara.. liffftiickk.. :P

  2. Aparna: May be she will also say that :), only I have not exposed those things to her yet as I dont use them often. May be in a few years she will start :)

  3. Ha ha .. she must be asking so much more nw :)


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