Friday, June 19, 2009


I know kids could start asserting their independence early, but I did not expect it to be this early.
My daughter Saathvika is 17 months old and today she over ruled my mom and chose her own meal at lunch time & dinner and this is how it happened

After she wakes up in the afternoon:
My Mom : Thachi mammam saapidalaamaa?
Jillu : Naana...Pal
My Mom : Thachi mammam saapidalaam
Jillu : Thachi mammam Naana...Pal...

Pal.. Pal..

and of course she had milk then

My Mom : Kanji saapidalaamaa?
Jillu : Kanji Naana
My Mom : Appo mammam saapidalaama?
Jillu : Thachi mammam

and of course she ate curd rice for dinner


  1. Radhs: Thanks :) I think so too.. Glad u enjoyed the post

  2. oh yes.. u always get stories from ur mom.. chinna vayasula pidivatham and all..but these kids tantrumz are sometime nice to watch

  3. Ha ha .. so nice reading her old antics :)


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