Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kaakaa Ussshhhh !!!

There is a saying in Tamil

"Muzhu Pushanikaayaa sothula maraika mudiyaadhu" (You can't hide a pumpkin in a bit of rice)

Obviously Jillu does not understand that

Her latest pass time is to take any object (more often than not, it will be big objects like a big comb or parachute bottle etc), keep it in her armpit and say

"Kaakaa Ussshhh" ("Crow has taken it away")

Obviously, kids learn from us and now its her turn to play "Kaakaa Ussh" with us!

What is even more charming is the mischievous smile that accompanies it! My words will not do justice and you have got to see it to believe it!


  1. Jillu sounds so naughty!! sweet kid!

  2. Karla, Thanks for dropping by. She is indeed a very naughty and sweet kid :)


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