Monday, August 24, 2009

Stealing our lines !!!

Prelude : Once, I said "Adi Paavi" when she said something unexpected.


She was about to sit down on the floor when she said "Fan keezha Ukkaachikaren" (I will sit under the fan) and moved directly under the fan. I was staring at her astonished and opened my mouth, but then she preempted me and said "Adi paaavi"


More of the same :

1. Once, someone had asked her "Yenga Poiyuttu vare" (Where did you go?) when she came inside the house after an outing. From then on, everytime she steps out of the house (for even a smallest thing) and comes back in, she expects us to ask her the same and if we don't, she says "Yenga Poyittu vare"

2. Once, I said "Yen kitta varaadey" (Do not come near me) as a way of chiding when she did something naughty. The next time she was naughty and realized that I was not too pleased with her, she said exactly the same thing "Yen kitta varaadey".

3. When I put eye drops on to my eyes, when some one has dinner, she says "disturb panna koodaadhu" (Should not disturb)

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