Friday, August 28, 2009

Konji Konji - Nick Names !!!

Kids love being petted or pampered (Konji fied). I haven't heard of any kid who doesn't like it and Jillu is no exception. But the only difference with Jillu is that she decides when she should be pampered. She decides the when and the how !!

1. About Konji Thaathaa
She has named my Perippa "Konji thaathaa". Whenever he sees her, he continuously keeps pampering her, kissing her etc etc. He also made up a few songs to sing to her and she has been hooked to the songs and to him ever since. Now, all of us in our home know those songs by heart! and even if we forget, she is there to help us with the lyrics :).

a) The How part of decision making

When we start to say something else when we pamper her, she will immediately say "Appu Ponnu, Jodi Ponnu.." which is how the song goes. She doesn't want it our way, she wants it her way.

b) The When part of decision making

If we sing "Appu Ponnu" when she is not in the mood, she says "Venaam". The vice-versa is also applicable. When she feels the need for love, she will come to us and say "Appu Ponnu Paadu "

2. About "Adi Kanne" Maami

She has named the Aunty residing in our opposite flat as "Adi Kanne Maami". Whenever she sees Jillu, she says "Adi kanne " and then proceeds with the conversation and hence the name. Now, its become a daily routine for Jillu to go their gate and call "Adi Kanne" from there.

She is also familiar with all the terms we use to address her and now, its come to a point that she refers to herself by those endearments.

One day, when I was boiling some milk for her, I asked her casually, "Who is this milk for?"
Pat came the reply, "Kutti ku".


  1. Growing with kids is also fun. Met other L's son yesterday, he is simply so chweeetttt. You go and meet him once :)

  2. Sat, thats on my to-do list :). When are you going meet Jillu?


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