Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Very Sweet Moment

Wanted to share this very sweet moment that happened just half an hour back.

Jillu was in my lap and she was facing me directly. She lifted both her hands to both my cheeks (her right hand to my left cheek and left hand to my right cheek) and caressed them softly and said "Appu Ponnu...."

"Appu Ponnu" is one of terms we use when we pamper/pet (konji-fy) her.

In effect, she was "Konji" ing (petting/pampering/cajoling) me and it was a very precious moment for me, one to be treasured always.


  1. Romba cute di... I can understand how you wud have felt... :)

  2. Yes, Priya. Was overwhelmed. Even more so because it was so unexpected.


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