Monday, August 9, 2010

Her Gyaan (II)

Remember her earlier Gyaan  to all and sundry?

The phase is back now with me as the primary target!

Jillu to me : "Summaa thannila vilaiyaadaadhe. uvaaa varum" 
Translation : Don't play in the water always. You will be sick 
Now, did you imagine me being on a vacation and splashing in a swimming pool when you read these words?  Or playing in the beach ? Or getting drenched/even dancing in the rain ? 
But, no ! nothing so exotic  ! Any of them would have been wonderful and fabulous !

I was the recipient of such Gyaan (in what a tone, my goodness!) only because I was washing used vessels at the kitchen sink ! It was very clear that she minded me being occupied at that time when instead I could have been playing with her !

I was grating vegetables and stopped abruptly when I felt when my fingers were in danger of being cut. She saw me examining my fingers and asked
"yenna aachu? uvaa vaa?" (What happened? are you hurt?)
Me : "Konjam light aa" (Yeah ! slightly)
Jillu : Adhukku dhaan mollllllllllllaamaaaaaaaa pannanum!  (thats why you should do it slowwwwwwwwwly) 

All I could do was stare at her ! Again, what a tone! perfect Gyaan tone :)


  1. Hmpf,shame on you,why do you always play with water,jillu need to advice you,very bad.

  2. what a sweet little girl :D she's just trying to take good care of you :D

  3. Jillu's nick needs to be changed to Gyanamrutha Bodhini !

  4. AA, yeah yeah ! I should heed her advice, hmm ? :)

    Titaxy, :) more like parroting me

    PV, ahaaa, yenna oru peyar !!!

  5. So sweet of Jillu!! Looks like more lessons coming your way:)

  6. Vidya, more like my lessons being quoted back at me !:)


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