Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wah Re Wah !

"Wooowwwwwwww ! Beeauuuuuuutiful "
was the exclamation on sighting our little beauty dressed up so prettily (even if I say so myself :) )

Occasion : An important Family function
Attire :
Paatu Paavaadai, with pretty blouse
Pearl necklace adorning the small neck
Matching bangles jingling all the way
Matching Matching Pottu on the forehead
And Matching Matching slide to hold the hair back 

All these were an awesome combination and admired by everyone . 
But the first person to endorse the fact was none other than our own little angel, Jillu,  who exclaimed
"Wooowwwwwwww ! Beeauuuuuuutiful "

while standing in front of the mirror immediately after getting dressed and ready!


  1. Way to go, Jillu...self-love comes first :D

  2. Drishti Sutthal for Jillu - please !

  3. dressing up girls is all fun... Adi asks me this everyday amma neenga pretty-a naan pretty-a? i have to always say idhulla ennada sandhegam nee dhaan... guess Jillu would start this soon...

  4. Will say it my MIL's way: Kaaraar thirumeni, kandhristi vaaradho, seerar thirumeni, kappu!

  5. I can visualize her...very pretty! Dressing up girls seems to be such an enjoyable affair...hmmm!

  6. Dressing girls up is so much fun, isn't it?

  7. Jillu n Kalakkings inseperable.


  8. Madam - where are you ? How come no new posts for so long ?


  9. 'Dhrishti' for Jillu :)

    I thought I was on ablog break - where are ou now?

  10. hey we need jillu updates..why no post since long time?

  11. Titaxy, :)

    PV, Oh yes! daily drishti suthal for her :) and thank you for your enquiries. will post in detail later.

    Ani, wow, so cute! what happens if you say otherwise?

    Swaram, thanks!

    Vidya, this saying is a new one to me :)

    Hema Jayashree, enjoyable and fun being on one side, the whole thing needs a lot of patience from our side :) that too when its a toddler, that too when the toddler has her own mind and her own preferences :)

    AA, thankoo :)

    Uma, Daily dhrishti for Jilu :)

    Timepass, coming up soon on both counts :)


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