Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Of sweet and precious vocab !!!

She drinks "Clompan", not "Complan" :)
When we go to Pizza hut, we eat Chizza !
When we finish a meal or a drink, we say "Chinish pannitten"
The first in the list for bribe is always "Binky Bar" (Milky Bar)
She does everything so geautifully :)
The next in the line is a visit to "Engine" (its the "MGM" in the MGM Dizzie world amusement park)
The "Germs" box (The Gems box) is her current most treasured asset
She always asks me "Have you taken the "kas-vees"?" when we venture out.

Any guesses as to what is Kas-vees?


  1. Is it house keys :P :P
    Gng by all that she knows, I wudn't be surprised if she takes care of this one too ;)

  2. money?

    ask her to take good care of the Germs box!! nothing beats dondi..

  3. Btw loved her "ch" pronounciations for "pa" ones.. does she still say choto for photo?

  4. Kerchief.
    And every word is real lovely.

  5. Kerchief???
    Love everything that Jillu says.

  6. Kerchief ?

    Love these Jillu-isms !

  7. Very nice...I too am guessing..car keys? Chizza is so apt:)

  8. All , wonderful guesses and answers :) And many of you got it right.
    Yes, it is Kerchief :)

    LR, u still remember dondi ? LOL :) there's something else brewing that will definitely beat dondi, but only i still cant understand enuf to write abt it:)

    AJCL, its between choto and photo :) not sure how to type it, even :)


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