Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank you, everyone !!!

for all those who called, mailed and left messages in the blog asking for more JilluYennaPan. It gives a very warm and nice feeling when people check up on you, na ? Thank you, again.

The break was unexpected and unplanned.

I will be back soon. My net connection will go down any time now and will be down for the next couple of days, just when I wanted to write a post :( . So just thought will say a quick hi to all :)

Take care and stay tuned in. Will  be back once the broad band connection is all set properly

And Jillu is doing absolutely fine... leaving you with one of her songs...

Krishna madi methaiyadi (Krishna's lap is like a bed)
Aadi vilaiyaadammaa (play along nicely in the lap)
Aadum vari aadi vittu (Play as long as you want)
Alli vizhi moodammmaa (and then drift off to a peaceful sleep in his lap)
Krishna madi Methaiyadi

Adaptation from an old Tamil song where the original version calls for the child to sleep in her Athai 's (Aunt, Bhuva) lap.

And Jillu does not stop there, she goes on with

"I" madi methaiyadi (remember I ? Her buddy friend?)
"Yasodha" madi methaiyadi (Krishna's mom)
"Arrakan" madi methaiyadi (All the raakshash'a in Krishna)
"Amma" madi methaiyadi (thats me of course)
"Appa" madi methaiyadi

and so on and so forth :)


  1. Nice to see an update here. Glad all of u r dng well. Hugs and hope to c u bk soon :)

  2. Good to see you back! Jillu is always in 'form':)!

  3. Welcome back ! Missed you and Jillu - and didn't have your email ID :-(

  4. Swaram, Thank you

    Vidya, On yes ! she is always in form :)

    PV, Thank you and check your email :)


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