Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The break

was unexpected, unplanned and proved to be very slow, frustrating and endless. Life was in a limbo for close to 6 weeks. And it was a time for many firsts as well.
For, as a starter, my husband was diagnosed with chicken pox. Life came to a standstill, with Jillu being sent to my mom's place, me taking care of him, shuttling between the houses and balancing Jillu's demands for me being with her. And he got it bad and it took nearly 3 weeks for him to get cured. And Jillu was missing school as well. I couldn't send her as the commute logistics became complex.

It was the first time that she was staying away from me at nights. The first 2 days(nights) Jillu was okay and everything went on well. But after that, post a short but intense outburst, we realized she had been keeping things to herself and was missing me, I started to spend the nights at my mom's place whenever possible.
And then, just on the day he joined work, I got it as well. And this time, we kept her in my place but sent her to school. To keep her occupied and away from me. Her dad dropped her in the school, MIL picked her up and took Jillu to her place and my dad brought her back home just before bedtime. This routine allowed only a very minimal time with me at the same time giving her the feeling that she was staying with me.
She even stayed a night at my MIL's place and there was a time when I hadn't seen Jillu for close to 36 hours. This was a first too.

This month has been tough for everyone , but esp Jillu. She has become very insecure and is being clingy. I guess it will take some more time for her to recover. 

When her dad was ill and I used to visit her in my mom's place, she asked me such questions that I didn't think a 21/2 year old was capable of asking. Questions that were a dagger straight to the heart. Even though she understood the situation, she often came up with stuff like (that too, out of the blue)

Unakku yenna pidikave illaiyaa? (Don't you like me ?)

Nee yen yen kitta pesave maatengara? (Why are you not talking to me?)

I was obviously shocked and it took a moment for me to recover, answer and set her right. These obviously showed her insecurity more than anything else.

Both of us are doing good now and back to normal.  Holidays have commenced for Jillu and school reopens in 2 weeks time. I am looking forward to spending time with her  :) before she goes back to school.

And hopefully to get back to posting more of JilluYennaPan and continue recording her progress...


  1. Glad all is well nw. Take care and hope to read more of Jillu's antics soon :)

  2. Whoa.. that was unexpected. Hope things are okay now and may good health be with all of you always.

  3. Those are very difficult questions to handle... Good to know that everything is ok now. Take care.

  4. Jillu is able to discern a lot from little things - extremely aware and sensitive. Hope you get lots of cuddle-time with her in the coming weeks and months

    Take care and thanks for the mail :-)

  5. glad to know that all iz well... take care and hope you get much more time to spend with jillu... take care

  6. Hope the coming weeks helps Jillu to put the puzzle pieces back:)Wishes for good health!

  7. Very very bad when you are confronted with that kinda question.Am glad everything is okie now.

  8. I am glad you are feeling better now. I can only imagine how tough it must have been. Hugs to you and little Jillu.

  9. Good to hear that things are ok. Seems like a difficult time indeed that you passed through. Take care.

  10. All, Both of us have recovered and are doing well and 3 of us are back together as a family. Thank you all for the get well and take care wishes :) Thank you.

    Swaram, thank you and hope you have been doing great as well

    LR, thank you for the wishes. Given the past month, we need it :)

    Hema, questions were a complete surprise more than anything else

    PV, cuddle time, Oh yeah ! lots and lots now :)

    ani, thank you

    Vidya, she has not asked me such questions after that. so hopefully we are okay as of now:)

    AA, yeah, it caught me unawares, but somehow I was able to manage then

    Jayashree, thank you. Last month was very rough. Hopefully things should go on track from now on

    Swapna, What a surprsie! How have you been? We are all doing much better and back together as a family now, Thankyou :)

  11. Poor thing.. To even think that she conjured up such questions is a shocker.. So big hug to you for managing to face them!!

    Glad that all is well now..


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