Saturday, September 25, 2010

The cute little helper

courtesy schooling !

Beans cut into little pieces

The above is a result of Jillu's hard work while I was busy on the same job as well. She cut around 7-8 individual beans and that with a broken cake knife !


  1. Shez grown a lot after my brk I guess ;)!!! Keep it up Jillu!!!

  2. 'ippo seyyara apparam seyvaala?' - LOL!
    This is a neat job - lot of adults don't get them all even sized ...

  3. Wow Jillu :) U r a sweet li'l helper for sure :)

  4. Swetha, HI there !!!!!!!!! welcome back ! hope you are having a great time and all the very best for a bright and prosperous future !

    Uma, :) yes ! as is said, they have to do continue doing it as well :)

    AA, Swaram, Vidya, :) thank u auntys - Jillu

  5. Great work by Jillu ! But wish she can be spared this stuff for now !

  6. PV, tch, tch, I throw my hands up in the air :)
    You think I made her do it ? She wouldn't let me do the rest otherwise :)

  7. That is a lot of hard work from the smart gal! Hats off to her!


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