Thursday, October 7, 2010

The downpour

of the Whys, the Whats, and the Where's have started. And the "How" is yet to commence.. siggggghhhh.. and I am already feeling drained (??)
Why is it so bright?
Why does the sun rise ?
Why does the sun set ?
Why are the lights switched on/off?
What does the Dosa batter do inside the vessel?
Why are you making food ?
Why is the baby sleeping?
Why is she (her friend from school) going home ?
Where has the puddle of water from the rain gone?
When will rain come next?

and on and on and on......
While some can be answered, some remain lost. And I try to do my level best. 

She has grown up so much (in all ways) in the past couple of months. She understands so much and her communication has grown leaps and bounds...

But as a sign that she still is a kutti girl, she continues to believe that she will become small one day when talks of other babies and toddlers come her way. Like when she said "Naan kutti aaana udane, indha thottil la paduthuppen" (I will lie in this cradle when I become small)

And here are some more Jillu talkies for you to savor...

The microwave oven door has been left open (for a purpose, obviously). She notices it and says
"Ammaa, yen tharandhu vechirukke ? Mooden konjam" (Amma, why have you kept the door open? Close it na)
I obey her and she says 
"Veeeery Very Good"
During the usual bedtime routine, I ask her to say a small prayer (as is the norm) and these days she says
"yenakku ummaachi pidaakaadhu. Unna dhaan pidikkum" (I dont like God. I only like you) which was a shocker when I heard it the first time.

Jillu : Unga appa peru yenna? (What's your dad's name)
Me : Mukundan
Jillu : hey, yen thaatha perum Mukundan  (hey, even my grand dad's name is Mukundan)

And her current hair style is to be called "Dora oda mushroom cut" (Dora's mushroom cut) because she insisted on a Dora cut while I wanted to try out a different one :) So we (I) named it "Dora oda mushroom cut " :)

And no parental bias or a motherly bias, she behaved like a pro this time in the saloon. Not a single hitch or a cry or a protest. Total cooperation and I was soooo glad :)


  1. LOL @ her response to your father's name :D

  2. She's placed you above Devudu - ensoy Thangamani !

  3. Late-aa vandhalum, latest-aa irukku Jillu talkies:) Nice of her to yearn to get back into the cradle!!Enjoy!

  4. LOL at enga Thatha perum Mukundan!

  5. I second hema.LOL @ thatha paer.

  6. "yenakku ummaachi pidaakaadhu. Unna dhaan pidikkum" -- highlight!!!

  7. Titaxy, :) it was very funny when I heard the first time as well :

    PV, enjoying secretly. uushhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Vidya, niraiya irukku,, yezhudha dhaan time illa :(

    Hema, :) how are you ?

    AA, wait till ambuli says the same :)

    Swetha, :)

  8. The part where she says "I like only you".. Totall awwww..

    And for the hey thats my grand dad's name too..
    Wake up time Lavanya.. Get ready for more such bulbs.. :)


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