Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jillu Talkies - 8

Jillu (out of the blue) : I want to...(a pause) cricket
Me : huh? what?
Jillu : I want to.. cricket
Me : yenna venum ?
Jillu: cricket paakanum (want to see cricket)
Butler English has started :)


"Naan yen felsh la dhaan vechen" (I kept in my felsh)
"Yenakku dress felsh lerundhu dhaan venum" (I want a dress from my felsh only)

P.S : felsh = shelf

Random talks about Jolly was a mystery for some time
"Romba Jolly yaa irukku illa ?"  (Its jolly time now, right?)
"Amma, ippo romba Jolly yaa irukku" 
"Amma, yeppo Jolly aagum?" (When will it be Jolly?)

All these @ various instances when we were playing or riding in a bike. So the assumption was obvious. 

And then,
"Appa, yezhundiru. Jolly aachu paaru. yezhunduru" (Dad, get up. See, its Jolly now. Get up) in the morning :)

Oh Oh ! Now I get it :)


  1. Too good Jillu !! Jolly = sunshine ?

  2. Ha ha! felsh sounds sooo cute :)

  3. Jolly is morning?

  4. Yes ! Jolly means sunshine, bright light, day light anything that means she can get out and play and go taataa:)

    I generally say " its getting dark, so no more taataa and park and so on "


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