Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A new beginning

And no.. I am not talking about this post which has come after a long time and the redemption of the blog from the slumber that it has got into :).
Instead this post is about something that I have been meaning to do for a long while (read years) and finally got it done. Its not something great and time consuming. Just a very simple task, yet I was just postponing.
And without more ado, here it is,

Yes, a pot plant (Karpooravalli). Living in an apartment, i cant even think of backyards and garden. But still wanted some greenery in my house, so wanted to grow some plants that will grow from my balcony itself. Just a simple thing, na ? but its taken me years to do it.

I bought it couple of months back (July end) and its coming up very nicely :) Jillu has the daily task of watering  this plant. I was so happy that I at last managed to do it, that I wanted to blog and record it immediately. But its taken me more than 2 months to blog about it :)

I donno anything about gardening and growing plants. So wanted to start with something simple. Now that the plant is thriving, I am planning to add a couple more to make it colorful.My balcony does receive some sunlight during the hot days. I was thinking about rose. One red and one yellow. How about it ? Any other suggestions?

P.S : And Jillu does take this task very seriously. "Adhu yenna nambi dhaan vandhurukku". (the plant is dependent on me).


  1. Swaram, You should be able to post now :) There was an issue in the settings :( Sorry abt that:). How are you doing ? Hope all is well!

  2. Yaay! Good to see you after a long long time!! Was talking to S a couple of weeks back and to know why you had vaporized:)

  3. Vidya, a big HI :) No particular reason, I guess. How are you and the kids doing ?

  4. Good to see you back. How r u and Jillu doing? Try growing methi......it is very easy to grow...plus, you can get Jillu involved in sprouting, planting, watering and eating it too:-)

  5. Hey! Does this mean we'll get more Jillu updates??
    Congrats on the plant..
    'Adu enna nambi thaan vandirukku' - LOL!

  6. Jayashree, Methi seems a very good idea ! will definitely try it out! Thanks

    Uma, I am not sure :) I sure would like to post more :) lets see!


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