Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jillu Talkies - 11

Dinner Time

Jillu had completed her main course. As is the norm, I gave her her habitual cup of curd (which she lovvvess and usually insists on having it herself)
Me : Jillu, eat your curd.
Jillu: Amma, please, you feed me 
Me : No da. Can you please have it yourself? You usually do that, right ? And it is something that you love. Amma has some work. So, please go and have your curd.
Jillu : No, ma, you have to come.
(this goes on for a while and Amaa becomes slightly irritated)
Me : Jillu, Dont make trouble for having curd. If you want, you have it. Otherwise, its OK. you need not eat. OK ?
Jillu : Appo, naan yeppavum patneeyaa irukka vendiyadhu dhaanaa daily? (Then, should I remain hungry at all times daily?)
Me : (@#$%^^&&&&&&&&& staring at her aghast at such vocabulary, usage and delivery).
(Recovering after a couple of seconds) Yes da, Amma does not feed you at all daily. Thats why you say all this (and closely watching her reaction now)
Jillu : Illa. nee yenakku mammu thare daily. (No, you do give me food, daily )
Amma : (atleast some what slightly relieved now)

Play Time

Jillu is pounding chana (udaicha kadalai/roasted grams) while Amma is busy preparing dinner. Pounding chana is something that she loves to do, an activity learnt at school and followed at home as well. She has to pound the chana, distribute to friends and eat the rest herself. At home, normally, she gives a very small (negligible) amount to me and consumes the rest :)
That day:

Jillu : Naan unakku romba kutti, small dhaan tharuven. Nee yenna kaeka koodaadhu. (I will only give you a very small portion. You should not ask  me more)
Me : Then I will also give you only small portions of sugar and complan daily. You should not ask more. (She generally asks for the plain complan powder and sugar when I am mixing her drink and needless to say, she asks for "BIG". I normally avoid the sugar but giver her a small portion of complan )
Jillu :(now doing a complete ulta and says in a sugary tone) Naan unakku small big tharen, seriyaa ? 
(I shall give you a small big portion, OK?)
Me : Could only laugh :)


  1. Small big tharen.....how cute is that!!! Hugs to jillu....

  2. Jayashree, :). I didn't get it first and then realization dawned :)

  3. That 'pattini' dialogue must have stumped you!!! LOL!!

  4. Hello! Hw r u and Jillu dng? Been quite some time!

  5. I can't post a comment on ur latest post :( Nt sure why!
    Luv the way Jillu is taking care of the plants :)
    Kanakambara is a very easy shrub to manage too :)


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