Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Searching for Answers...part 1

Conversation with samyu day before yesterday while putting her to sleep

Amma, i have a question.

Ok, sollu

Amma, what will be there before this world was formed? Before god is born ?

God is always there kanna. He s not born to anyone.hes just there.

No ma. Before you &  me. Before human beings. Even god could not have been there. What was there then ? What did exist ? ( Appo yedhu irundhudhu ? Yenna dhaan irundhudhu?  )

God is always there. There is never a time when he s not there. It is he who creates this world. He s the nature. He manifests himself everywhere.
Tried to explain to her the peacock anology . But obviously, felt it was too much for her. So left it.

No ma. You don't understand.  You see, before all this, before this house, see indha veedu illa, indha place illa, yedhuvum illa. So god yeppidi yenga irupparu ? How's it possible at all ?

Tried explaining about vaikundam but left it after a short while.

Seri samyu. Give me some time. I will think about how best to explain to you in a way that you  will understand.

Ok ma.

After a while, i have another question ma.


Namba thathha, thaathaa ku thaathaa, avaalukku thaathaa , indha maari poinde irukkum la...


Appo , andha first man, avaala yaaru padachaa?

Brahma da kannama.

Ok, appo, ippo innoru family irukku la, vera yaaraana family...avaaloda thaathaa ku thaathaa ku thaathaa, andha line la first vandhavaa?

Avaalum brahma dhaan da Samyu

Oh !!! Appo oru family ku orthar maadhiri illa ma ? Brahma niraiya per padachaaa, families vara

Yes da ma

Appo, naama dhaan ninaikirom , namba small family nu. But actually, we are all a part of very very big family illa ma ??

Too surprised to respond for some time...then I said slowly as the new insight that my daughter just now taught me seeped into me " yes kanna. You are absolutely right da kanna ".