Monday, November 14, 2011

Jillu Talkies -12

After a long gap, read how and what Jillu talks these days :)

She was unusually quiet for a while in the hall and came running to me in the kitchen suddenly. I got suspicious and asked her

Me: yenna pannittu vandhe? (What did you do ?)
Jillu : Onnum illa. Naan paavamaa summaa ukkandhuttu vandhen. (Nothing. I just simply sat like a paavam girl )


Naan periyava aana udane, coffee pottu tharuven, dosai vaapen, naane mehendi vechupen
(After I become bigger, I shall make coffee, dosa etc. I will even keep Mehendi myself)


She saw one half of the beautiful butterfly cup that she had broken last year. I was using it for some other purpose in the kitchen. She looked at it and asked

Jillu : andha cup naan udacha udane nee yenna panne yenna? (What did you do when I broke that cup?)
Me : naan timeout kuduthen ( I gave you time out)
Jillu : yen ? (Why?)
Me : pinna yenna paanuvaalaam? (Then what else should I have done?)
Jillu : inime panna maataanu chumaa vitturukanum! (You should have let me go free assuming I wont repeat again!)


  1. That's pretty smart of her, specially the last bit on just letting her go!!

  2. Ha ha ha! The last once is classic!
    Welcome bk; it's so nice to read Jillu updates again :)

  3. So sweet.....have been missing seeing Jillu in action.

  4. All of you seem to like to like the last bit :)
    But am just not able to get back into that old mode of regular writing ! :(
    Hope to post whenever I can !


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