Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gyaan (III)

Her current obsession for dressing is pants ! Anywhere, everywhere and always, she wants to wear pants ! All the frilly frocks, non frilly frocks, skirts are all sleeping in the cup board safely.
This leaves me to find devious ways (even cahooting with Jillu's close friend's mom - "hey Jillu, your friend "S" is going to wear a frock today and she has asked you to wear a frock as well to school today" ) for making her wear anything other than pants!
Today, I took rest and let her go her way ! So naturally it was pants and tops again!
As usual she rushed away after getting dressed and I called her back !
"Jillu, come here. Bindhi is not yet done. Come on, fast !"

and then came the Gyaan !
"Amma, pant pottundaa pottu vechukka koodaadhu ! Asingamaa irukkum" (Mom, we should not wear bindhi while wearing pants ! It will look horrible!"



  1. I will hide my head whenever I get to meet Jillu - since I violate her fashio rule every day ....

  2. Adra sakke! My sis's daughter says that about anklets too!! Jillu, walk down the ramp in style!

  3. I so agree with her! hi 5 to Jillu

  4. Mudiyala,seriously,yaar solli kudukkara idhu ellam?

  5. PV, pls dont.. I will use you to teach her a few things :)

    Vidya, angeyumaa? how old is that vaandu?

    Uma, u too ! But I am surprised that she sprouts such gyaan at barely 3 yrs :)

    AA, yes, yengerundhu kathundu varaanganne therila :)

  6. Aahaaa....first tattoos, now this.....where do they get this gyaan from???

  7. Hah, these are growing up conversations!


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